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Selamat hari raya!!!

This year's raya is my first time ever balik kampung by flight.

"Kemeriahan" airport with manusia is expected and all and I am totally prepared for that (and I'm all good with it. No issue at all).

But who would have thought that my husband and I would be stranded for 3 hours at the airport on the night before raya??

3 whole hours just sitting there on the (uncomfortable) chair and waiting and waiting and waiting some more for our plane to arrive.

I was hungry (buka puasa only with super expensive sandwich that we bought from the small cafe near our boarding gate and shared a bottle of mineral water with my husband coz I thought our flight is gonna be on time a.k.a 7.45 pm so why nak have a huge meal before departure right??) and also we are taking flight to Penang and need to commute another 1 to 2 hours by car before arriving at our destination, Baling, Kedah. Jauh ok.

So there I was, thinking what an interesting situation I'm in. I was not mad at all (surprisingly, my husband said. How dare him).

But some people just really know how to create commotion and unnecessary chaos.

A few other stranded passengers started to shout and talk loudly saying how selfish are the cabin crews (the delay is caused by masalah teknikal and operasi whereby cabin crews lambat sampai sebab diberitahu last minute to be on duty <-- as explained by the Captain later during our flight) for causing everyone else to wait for them.

Ok that part, I get it.

But later on the "shouting and talking loudly" group started to mention about the crews are being late coz they selfishly buka puasa lama-lama and sibuk for persiapan tomorrow's raya, my blood started to boil you know. And they keep on repeating the buka puasa and raya part as if they wanna advocate hatred towards buka puasa and raya or something. I was like what the heck yaww.

I know this is supposed to be an entry about how my raya is like but I really feel the need to put it out there, please laa don't any of us ever dare to be disrespectful towards other race / religion.

Please please please refrain yourself from being racist or insensitive about other people's race / religion. We are heading towards Malaysia Baharu and yet you're still blurting about other race or religion being selfish and whats not though you yourself are not really well versed about their race / religion.

Respect given is respect earned. If you can't respect other people's race / religion, you can't expect others to do the same to yours right?

I am saying this not as a Malay or Muslim. But I am saying this as a Malaysian, please stop and think before any of us say anything about other people's race or religion. Religion, especially, is a sacred thing and I believe all religions obliged the penganut to be respectful towards everyone.

Plus, I don't think the crews are causing the delay while having an all-you-can-eat buffet for buka puasa or sibuk tukar langsir baru for raya tomorrow. Be mindful of your words and stop trying to throw shade on others. Coz for all I know, the "shouting and talking loudly" group is actually making a fool out of themselves. Pity them.

On a happier note, all of us reached Penang in one piece and also, my husband and I arrived at Baling around 1.30 am. Talking about grand entrance (the last one to arrive).

So this year's raya I didn't take any leave (I know, such a dedicated worker aren't I). Therefore after we beraya at Baling (my husband's side), we went back to our usual jadual bekerja for a week and the next weekend (around after a week of raya), we go balik Melaka a.k.a my sweet, sweet happy home a.k.a kampung (coz my nenek is staying with my mom now so I call my home also as kampung. Coz kampung is where nenek is).

Alhamdulillah I had a blast. Raya is amazing as always. And I managed to berkenalan with more saudara mara from my husband's side.

Raya outfit 1

Raya outfit 2 a.k.a pakaian nak balik naik flight semula sebagai anak perantauan

Raya outfit 3 a.k.a sambung raya semula

You guys yang kat Melaka (or are going to Melaka anytime soon) should really check out Ikan Bakar Parameswara. There's this cool jalan papan on air that is totally Instagram worthy. But do note to come before senja or else you'll only get half lit photo like mine above (but if you guys are into silhouette kinda photo, then you guys should definitely come when the sunset happens. It's super beautiful I tell you). 

I hope you guys are also having the time of your life during this year's raya.

Wonder how many of my blog readers are still eligible to get duit raya?? <-- hoping my blog to (still) be a dope reading for youngsters out there. Ahahahahahh.

Oh yes, I have been receiving quite a few numbers of confessions from you guys since my last entry. Thank you gaiz!!!

So you guys who are interested, do check out this entry below to know how to send yours:

I will start to publish em soon. Stay tuned to my blog.

Salam menggemok and Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have a great day!!!


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