A few days ago one of my friends told me that I am such a good listener (ahem~) and a very empathetic person (ok did she said "very"? Maybe. But the keyword is "empathetic") that she suggested for me to become a counselor or therapist (let me stress this once again, MY FRIEND said it. NOT me).

But what does she know right?? I mean, psshhh (while smugly smiling). Ahahahahahh.

Anywaysss, as I was going through my blog, I came across one of my entries from 2016 and it was a confession entry.

Then an awesome idea struck me.

What if I create a special, safe place for my bae blog readers a.k.a Bloggermoks a.k.a you guys to vent your heart out by sending in your confession/s on just about everything that you wanted to.

I have always wanted to reach out to all of you even more and always thinking of how to do it so I figure this might be one of the ways.

I might not be qualified enough to give you guys advice, or is it advise? See, I am not even well versed in language, how can I lecture and bebel you guys on life.

But you know what, if you guys are looking for a place to buat sesi luahan rasa, melepaskan perasaan or just to voice out your view on any matters and choose to do it ANONYMOUSLY, I am 100% up for it!!! Free of charge (as of now. Ahahahahh~just kidding).

Coz you know why, I have been through hard times and trust me, one time too many. So I understand how meaningful it is for us to let the feeling out to someone, anyone who's willing to listen and just listen.

So what are you guys waiting for?

Pour your heart out and I don't know how many times should I say this to make you guys believe me but you guys will feel as if a huge rock has been lifted from your shoulder.

Here are the guidelines for you guys to send in your confession/s (yes, you can send MORE than one) :

1. Confession should be written in BAHASA MALAYSIA or ENGLISH or mix of BOTH (please don't send me in other language coz ya home girl here is not (yet) a pakar bahasa antarabangsa).

2. Your confession MUST HAVE a TITLE and NICKNAME of the confessor. The confession can be just about anything (love, life, work, studies, friendship, etc).

3. Please send them in MICROSOFT WORD format.

4. You guys can add in PHOTO if you guys want to (OPTIONAL) but please, nothing explicit (just kidding. I know you guys are decent people).

5. Feel free to write as short as you want if you prefer a downright simple confession but if you guys are the kind that love to write super detailed confession, 500 - 700 WORDS will hit the sweet spot.

6. Language used should be G-RATED (suitable for General viewing). I know confession can get pretty nasty sometimes but please avoid using too many curses (I will bleep when necessary).

7. Some confessions might require for me to EDIT here and there (hence the bleeping like I have mentioned before), but no worries, the editing will be very minimal and will not affect the context of the confession.

8. Once you are satisfied with your confession, just EMAIL it to chachozzy@gmail.com with the subject "SYAZ CONFESSION SESSION". You guys don't have to include your name or any of your personal details (but if you prefer to do so, just do lah. No denda or whatsoever pun).

Oh and you guys don't have to worry anything about being kantoi or something liddat coz my blog strictly abide to one very important rule: SECRECY and CONFIDENTIALITY are guaranteed.

I mean, hello, this is a confession session. Who gives out details of the confessor right. Like duhhh~

As a starter, I will choose 1 (one) confession each month to be published.

Once the confession is published on my blog, everyone is invited to comment on advice / advise (see what I did there?) or give words of encouragement and motivations. Strictly NO JUDGING please. This is an open sharing session where everyone is loved and welcomed warm heartedly.

My GOALS in creating Syaz Confession Session are:

1. To provide my bae blog readers @ Bloggermoks @ you guys a haven to feel safe and confident to speak out;

2. Also I aim to establish stronger bonds with you guys so that you guys know that there is a friend in me for every single one of you; and last but not least,

3. I want my blog to be a happy place not just for me but also for all of my bae blog readers @ Bloggermoks @ you guys too!!!

If you guys are looking for an inspo to give your confession a head start, check out this first ever Syaz Confession Session entry --> 45th Confession Of A Person Who Always Falls Sick

Me putting my best professional face for you guys.

I really hope to hear from you guys soon.

I believe this is going to be the start of an interesting journey for us all.

Hope to bring warmth and happiness to everyone.

Salam menggemok and Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have an awesome day!!!