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Diam tak diam, it's been more than a year ever since I last updated my blog. Yes, you read it right. More than a YEAR (jadah, blogger apa update blog setahun sekali. Choiii~).

So many things have happened to me during 2015 until now. And I don't think there'll be any single post which is long enough to cater everything that I direly wanted to tell you guys. Seriously, if I can, I would loooooove to write a heck of a long post that'll make you guys wanna curse me, yet at the same time, wanna read it alllllll the way till the end (confident tu penting yaww~).

My writing style might have changed due to my current lifestyle (chewahh~cakap nak dramatik je kan). Actually what I'm tryna say is that, I no longer have the time (READ: sebenarnya malas. Lalala~) to sekejap italic, sekejap un-italic kan my font based on the language that I use. Therefore, pandai-pandai laa korang classify kan bahasa Malaysia ke bahasa Inggeris ke bahasa Sanskrit ke yang saya gunakan in my blog. 

Oh well, enough with the mukadimah and all, as this is 100%-ly sure gonna be my last post with the title "Kursus Kadet PTD" in it, so why do we wait. Lets dig in.

Ooh yes, before that, I would like to remind you guys that this might not contain as many words as it should be (yelah, dah hutang updates laaaaaaaama gila kan) because once again, I'm a very busy person. Menyampah tak? Ahahahahahahh. But wtv it is, di kesempatan ni, I would like to thank you guys who still keep on supporting blogger sendu macam I ni yang nak update blog setahun sekali pun tak dan. Thank you to all Bloggermoks. I seriously love you guys longggggg time.

Now, let see what you guys have been missing out all this while (ewahh~ :P)~

First and foremost, harus kena habaq mai yang I did manage to finish my cadetship year with flying colors (well, of coz not based from Intan's judgment. But why let others judge you when it comes to your life achievement aite). After countless attempts of quitting, alhamdulillah I did it (not did berjaya quit but did berjaya habiskan setahun Kursus Kadet). 

Cadetship was not easy. And if someone said that I have to go through it all over again, I swear I'll kill that someone. Don't get me wrong however. It was fun. There's no doubt bout that. But it does not mean that I want to do it over and over again. Once is more than enough. Hoho~

And little did I know that during the whole year full of cursing and regretting and wanting to quit and leave and never wanted to go back there, I managed to meet someone who has changed my life.

Someone who, at first, was not really my cup of tea. 
Someone who, at first, was really annoying (well, to me, at least).
Someone who, at first, I thought was gonna live his entire life by only working out and forcing others around him to do the same (shitty) things.

Little did I know. So little did I know, that he is the one who's gonna annoy me for the rest of my life and worse, live with me. 
HA-HA. Kidding~

Thank you, Ammil Afiq, for choosing me to be your life partner. 
Sorry because I was unable to see your efforts to get close to me the first few times you tried.
Thank you for not giving up.

And, thank you for actually choosing to be fat together with me. Who would have thought an ex Exco Sukan eventually got married to someone who worked real hard to find any excuse to escape physical training during cadetship. But dude, PT sucks. I speak for the people. Ahahahahh.

I heart you

Ok done with the mushy part. Now lets move on to the real working life as a PTD. Ewahh~

Well, basically, I don't really have that much of an experience in the service to share with you guys (yet). After all, I just entered the service for a little less than a year. Buttttt, I will try my very best to describe my first year of servicing as a PTD just to prepare any of you guys who are currently in cadetship or will enter cadetship soon. You know, just to give a brief clue of what or who awaits you guys.

The service is not that big. Yet it aint that small either. So you have to always stay grounded and be humble. Never think of yourself as someone who is capable of doing anything that you desire to do just because you can.

Being a government officer is all about giving your top quality service to the nation. 
It is not about being someone who is powerful.
But it is about being one of the individuals who work towards making your nation powerful as a whole.

Don't call me poyo just as yet. Ni baru sikit. Ahahahahahh.
But yeah, seriously, we are serving the nation. Therefore when you work, personal interest comes no where near. 
I have seen a few people who chose to follow their emotions instead of making professional decision. Trust me, this kind of people, they have already lost my respect no matter who they are.

Anywaysss, along the way, I managed to meet up with bunches of superb, great and admirable people. Well of course, tak kurang jugak ada yang memualkan and agak keji (like I have mentioned just now). Tapi takpelah, bumi Allah ni luas. Kalau dah memang rezeki kita, we will somehow get it regardless of how hard people try to screw it up for us. Plus, they aren't really important so lets just forget about them bad, rotten people.

My first posting was actually at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia.
However, on the 9th month of my service, I got out of Wisma Putra and started to serve under the Ministry of Health.

I would say that during the 8 months in Wisma Putra, I did learn a lot of things and meet with many kinds of people who have taught me that cadetship is just a piece of cake compared to wait awaits you in service. 
Maybe it was because I never really chose to serve there at the first place. But I'm glad that I managed to get the chance to do so because the experiences are precious. And I'm sure I will never get it in the Home Sector (Ministry of Foreign Affairs is classified as Foreign Sector). It was just a mind blown experience.

Also not to mention, I met with gazillions of nice, helpful people who have guided me (yang blur-blur masa first time datang office and taktahu hapah jadah nak buat gapo) at both ministries. So, faith in humanity restored. Alhamdulillah ramai yang membantu. Thank you.

JKDA was fun because of you guys. Period.
Koleksi gambar kat Kementerian Kesihatan tak dan nak kumpul lagi. Sibuk menaip depan komputer je pun. Takkan asik nak selfie dengan desktop kan. Gila lame. >.<

Anywhooo, so far so good. The new ministry I'm in is pretty much feels more homey. Alhamdulillah~now I have more time at home and managed to cook dinner more often. After all, I am someone's wife now, jadik takkan laa asik nak mintak husband teman kerja kat office sampai lewat malam (macam masa kat Wisma Putra dulu). Letih wooo~

Apapun, sesibuk-sibuk mencari rezeki demi sesuap nasi, lepak dengan kawan-kawan, harus tetap maintain. Manakan boleh hidup tegak-tegak tanpa berhuha suka ria bersama-sama rakan-rakan sebaya, ye dak?
After all, these are the people who have become my pillar of strength to keep on going strong, fighting the tides that come along the way. 

Remember that the bonds created during hardship, are the bonds that can never be broken.
All for one, One for all. Always and forever. InsyaAllah~

You guys are the bomb. Thank you for not membahan me as this, once, one of the most rebellious girls in class has turned into a skema badut government officer (READ: I aint skema. I swear).

And, most importantly, MY BELOVED FAMILY.
No words can describe how thankful I am for having the support from every single one of you for keep on pushing me to my limit (I hate that actually but just cannot deny the goodness that came out of it). 
Thank you for not hitting/slapping/kicking/killing me whenever each time I throw tantrum of quitting the cadetship.

Ooh yes, before I forget, there is a new addition to the family. 
No, not me having baby. That one, just not yet (but do pray for me to have my own lil bun in the oven very, very soon. InsyaAllah~).

Anyway, we now have a pet cat. Yeayyy~and by "we", I mean my husband and I. And by "my husband and I", I mean my whole family. :D 
Yea, practically our cat, Fudgy, is our whole family's pet. Everyone love Fudgy. 
Why? Because Fudgy is a fat, adorable, feisty cat that everyone just can't afford to not to love.
Tak percaya? Well, you guys can go and check Fudgy out for yourself at Fudgy and Smeagol
Such an awwwwwwwwwww, right?? =)

Yo, "Lazy" is my middle name.
And, "Fatness" is my last name.

Lately, I have been receiving lots of emails and comments from future cadets/PTDs asking regarding of my pre and during cadetship experiences.
Therefore, lemme give you guys the link to my related entries that I think might help answer the questions.

For those who are asking about my PTD interview experience, do check out Si Arnab Gemok Went PTD Interview

For those who want to know what are the preparations that I made before I enter cadetship, go to Persiapan Kursus Kadet PTD

For those who are curious how's life during cadetship, can check out these entries:
1. Coret Kursus Kadet PTD 1
2. Coret Kursus Kadet PTD 2
3. Coret Kursus Kadet PTD 3
4. Coret Kursus Kadet PTD 4

For those who are looking for information on PAC, sorry dudes and dudettes, yours truly here is one lucky ex cadet who didn't have to go through PAC before cadetship.

And for those who are keen to know, yes, I did gained, more or less, 10 kilos after less than a year I left cadetship. This is the part where I'm gonna say "I miss what cadetship has done to my weight."

Salam menggemok. Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have a nice day. 


  1. At laaaaaast! :p

    P.s. Can't believe ya got a cat instead of a rabbit! :D

    1. My pet rabbits, both flew to heaven already.
      I guess it's time to make a change towards the feline family. I heard they live healthier and longer. InsyaAllah >.<


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