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It has been delayed for almost a month but I'm still gonna be doing this as this means a lot to me and it is one of my best achievements in life so far.

Yes, alhamdulillah I have completed my course in DPA (Diploma Pengurusan Awam) (a part of my Kursus Kadet PTD program) on 26th of September 2014. And of course, without the helps, supports, motivations and loves given to me by many, this could never have been made possible.

Therefore, this entry is dedicated to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE of those who have been hugely involved and contributed to my success.

Psst, if you think you have been around me for the past few months, you might wanna check out this entry until the end. You know, just in case, your face is pasted anywhere along the way. =)

Thanks to my first ever group of friends susah senang during GI at Kalumpang.
Thanks for taking care of me during our times spent in the scary, dirty, icky hutan.
G7 is the best and will always be in my heart!!! 

Thanks to the most havoc sidang evahhh!!!
We, Dekarians, will rock the world one day, I'm sure!!!
Though we have been selerak-ed into new sidangs, I hope our crazy, controversial (asik bergaduh tak tentu pasal kan kat Whatsapp group. Bengong) friendships will be strong as the UHU glue plus thumbtacks and sealed with kisses~

Thanks to my ever-so-outspoken room mate, Mirot.
Your bold personality some times scares me but you taught me to be more independent (whether you realize it or not) and I would like to thank you for that. Luvyahhh!!! <3

Thanks to the Silos~
We shared so many inside jokes and I'm pretty sure there are more to come.

Thanks to my team mates for various assignments that we have sweat our way through. It's crazy when thinking about em all over again. Can't believe we managed to get EVERY BITS of em done.

But look at what miracles we could create when we worked together!!!

And now, we shall continue our journey in DPPA (Diploma Pascasiswazah Pentadbiran Awam) in University of Malaya. 
It aint gonna be easy, I know, but I hope every single day of our remaining time spend together will create more sweet and meaningful memories for us to cherish when we end this journey.

Not to forget, HUGE thanks to my beloved cousins and friends who have always been there for me when my insanity attacked me and tried to bring me down. You guys rock!!! <3<3<3

Well, and of course most importantly, my number one supporter, MY MOM!!! But since she is camera shy, therefore me no have her latest photo to be posted here. She no likes me put old photo of her coz that does not reflect her now. Demanding you know my mom. Ekekekekek~

O' Allah,
I can never say alhamdulillah enough for all the blessings that You have given me all these years. 
Even though I some times faced with difficulties, I always find rainbow at the end of the road. 
You always bless me with your rahmat and hidayah. Thanks, Allah~ <3<3<3<3<3

I may break down at times, but as a normal human being, one can never be perfect.
I would like to apologize to those whom I may have hurt along the way coz I can be mean when I'm emotional or angry. 
After all I'm always being known as a repulsive person. I will try to work on that. Ehehehehehh~

Oh by the way, lately when me no go balik rumah for more than a week, I always miss the feeling of being behind the wheels and drift (ok ni hiperbola je) my way through the roads. I never thought there would come a day that I'm declaring myself as someone who likes to drive coz I used to be so the lazy when people ask me to drive the car. 
Well I guess it's true when people say that you're not gonna appreciate something until it is taken away from you. It's ok. Only few more months before I get to drive on daily basis (hopefully by that time, I'm still able to say I like driving. Hmmm).
But one thing for sure, I'm always gonna love mangoes.
Salam menggemok. Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have a nice day.


  1. Waa...congrates n gdluck for ur next journey..salam menggemok yea...haha

  2. Outstanding n highly informative blog for future Kadet PTD reference. I passed my interview last December..can't wait for the calling letter to arrive soon. All the best for your DPPA.

    1. Thanks!!!
      And congrats to u!!
      Already finished DPPA and currently doing my practical in KKM.
      Welcome to cadetship yaww =)

    2. Hi again..

      Tumpang tanya sket bole? During ur DPA ade x ur fellow cadet minta cuti sebab nak kawen? Kalau xd..theoretically, INTAN bagi cuti x to cadet to get married? My wedding date might overlap with d training..

    3. Ramai je mintak cuti kahwin. After all, we're all at that age where everyone wanna get hitched and stuffs. So no worries bro~

  3. As salam nak tanye boleh? Kadet ptd yg masuk dgn batch u ade x yg kena eliminate for any reason myb x pass ke or anything else. got the offer letter tp baca some of the comments scare me.. help me pls..tq..

    1. That case (elimination) memang boleh jadik tapi highly unlikely, dear.
      No worries. Dah dapat tu maknanya rezeki u.
      Go for it!!! =)

    2. wah.. really.. will try hard... tqvm 4 ur info. ur writing helps a lot..

    3. You're welcome.
      It's my pleasure to share my experiences.
      All the best, dear!!!

  4. Assalamualaikum
    Nak tanya few questions.

    1. Yang you post ni surat tawaran title ni "Tawaran Pengambilan Untuk Menghadiri Kursus Kadet PTD" ke?

    2. I kena report duty on 24 Mei 2015. Means start hari tu jgak ke? I ada call pegawai hari tu dia cakap ada physical test the following day. Dia cakap kalau lepas test tu baru boleh masuk kadet. Yeke? I risau sebab ada high blood pressure sikit so takut tak lepas. Ada check blood pressure ke masa test tu?

    3. Selalunya lepas kadet tu memang dapat jawatan PTD la eh? Takut lepas kadet then tak dapat kerja. Risau.

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam

      1. I believe u are referring to the letter yang i post kat another entry izit? Itu surat tawaran jadik kadet PTD for a year. =)

      2. Actually apa yang i tahu, sistem pengambilan setiap batch berlainan. Sebab masa i dulu once lulus exam and interview, terus masuk kursus kadet setahun tapi untuk batch baru ni awal2 dah ada fizikal test tapi modul kursus berbeza sket rasanya. Blood pressure test memang ada sebab untuk masuk kursus memang ada medical check up. Jangan risau2.

      3. InsyaAllah lepas abes kursus kadet, memang akan dilantik. Dont worry.

      All the best!!!

  5. Helo babe, nak tanya satu benda yg penting.. Masa cadet ship, ada tak yang pregnant in your batch? If so, were they given maternity leave?

    1. Heyyo~
      Kalau pregnant, kena tangguh and re-join next batch of cadet, sis. =)

  6. Hai Wani.. nak tanya sikit, kt PAC, masa part LDK tu diorang kata pasal 'kapal karam', wani dulu dpt tast yg sama ke? Apa watak2 yg diorang bg ey?

    1. Hi Nazz~
      I happen to be the batch yang masuk cadet without PAC. Therefore i'm so sorry i wont be able to help u on that matter.
      Apapun, all the best in PAC!! I heard PAC is challenging yet so much fun. =)

  7. Assalamualaikum Wani, sy bru dpt pggilan interview utk batch 2016. sy dipahamkan bahawa selepas lulus interview, kt perlu menjalani latihan setahun kadet PTD - 5 bln amik DPPA then 7 bln amik DPA. Nak tanya, dimana program berlangsung? DPPA tu amik di UM and DPA tu di intan bukit kiara ke? and boleh x nak tau, ms kadet dpt elaun brpe ye? sekadar ingin tahu, kalau boleh. terima kasih.

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam. I thought they have already stopped the DPPA program in UM?? Sebab setiap pengambilan pun berbeza, jadi i can only share from my own experiences. Therefore based on my batch's cadetship, we did have to go through 7 moths of DPA and 5 months of DPPA in UM. During the last few weeks of cadetship, we had to move from Intengah to Intan Kiara. Memang dapat elaun bulanan. Around RM2K monthly. Should be more than enough if u dont have any monthly commitments yang besar. All the best yaa. And do be strong coz this is not gonna be an easy journey. But worry nothing coz seriously, there's nothing to lose. In fact, banyak pengalaman u'll get. Just enjoy the ride~ :)

  8. ohh so the DPPA program was held in UM ye. ok. Sori wani sy nk tanya lagi. ms mula2 dekat INTENGAH tu semua org sekali ke? i mean, all batch 2014?

    and program berlangsung isnin-jumaat ke? boleh balik rumah pd setiap hujung minggu x? sy tgh buat persiapan perkahwinan jd mcm byk nk diuruskn. huhu.

    1 lg soalan, is it true yg kt kne pegi kem polis, askar, bomba semua tu? yg tu ms berada di INTAN or UM eh? kursus yg mne 1 ye, sy keliru pengisian kursus tu sbb sy baca byk blog berbeza2 setiap tahun kan.

    maaf jika byk btanya. terima kasih.

    1. Basically I'll tell u everything that is based from my personal experiences. Memang every batch berlainan cara pengambilannya.
      So let see, first and foremost, yes, every single one of us stayed at Intengah. Bila pindah Kiara, hangkut jugak semua sekali.
      Secondly, we were allowed to go back during weekends only if we get pelepasan from pihak Intan.
      Yes, we did go through Modul Luar which consisted of Tentera, Polis, Bomba and OBS, during DPA under Intan.
      Don't worry. Nanti masa taklimat, you can ask all the questions. Actually, our jadual is unpredictable. All programs were TBC-ed. :P


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