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Sunday, 8 January 2017

46th: HELLO 2017


Hello 2017!!! <-- a week long overdue but seriously, my blog is not that mainstream to care about all this deadline thingy and what's not.

Can you guys believe that 2016 dah berlalu meninggalkan kita semua?? How time flies when we are enjoying it.
Well, I wouldn't say that 2016 is the most favorite year of my life. I have to admit that last year was tough, even tougher than some of my tough years before, in certain aspect (remember my cadetship year? Yeah, that was super tough. And then there's also 2012; the year I lost my one true hero, my Bapak. Not to forget the year puberty hit me like a steamroll and the list goes on). 
But it is fair enough for me to say that 2016 was quite a challenge for me. Physically, not so. Mentally, hell yeah. Otak boleh literally kurus from all of the cabaran dan cobaan yang telah dihadapi. *inhale exhale laju-laju*

2017 started off with some rough patches for me whereby I was not on top of my health for these past few days (I was diagnosed with vertigo and also experiencing migraine due to stress from work). Actually I am still recuperating right now. But somehow my blogger brain managed to come up with quite a number of awesome, creative ideas to write new entries for this blog (crossing my fingers for me to have time to make all of em happen THIS year). 

As for new year resolutions, I don't really have anything specific in my mind. I have never been a fan of making resolutions because I know along the way, I will just forget about all em resos (is there such word??) and continue to live my young, wild and free lifestyle. You know, the usual I-don't-give-a-damn kinda life.
But, since this year is my final year as a 20s, I think I would like to change my lifestyle as a whole. I mean I am not getting any younger and I need to ensure my life is in order before I can actually start to plan further (in terms of career, family, etc). 

My first step is to watch my diet. Just FYI, for these past 2 years (after I finished my cadetship), I have gained more than 10 kgs. I know, SMH right SMH. This is quite alarming as all of my clothes are no longer wearable. WATTAFISH. I mean, those cost money demmit. Ugh~

Next, I am also planning to be more physically active. Well, not really gonna sign up for any gym membership or things liddat. Just simple baby steps like taking the stairs, walk more, skipping (I bought myself a skipping rope already yaww), maybe a few tabata sessions here and there during my semangat days. Who knows.

Honestly, I hope to get back my cadetship weight by Aidilfitri this year, which is in June. So I have another 5 months plus to make this happen. I know it is a long shot but it is nice to know that every day when I wake up, I have a goal to achieve. It is like giving myself another reason to be excited and enthusiastic to face tomorrow. You know, like motivation and stuffs liddat.

Well, nuff bout that, before we all gonna move on with 2017, I would like to update you guys on a few happy things that have happened to me in 2016. *Hashtag Blessed* yaww.

Did you guys remember my fat, fluffy pet cat Fudgy? Well, Fudgy is now a mommy of three. <3<3<3
I still cannot get over the fact that my baby girl Fudgy is no longer a baby but already a mother to other three babies.

And here are em babies; Mochi (girl), Pau (girl) and Shortcake (boy). 
As much as we love all of em, me and hubby still have to consider about rehoming two of em since we cannot afford to have all four fluffies in our house. We hope to find em babies new parents who will love them as much as we do. 

Apart from spending Spring 2016 in Australia (read my experience in Melbourne here --> 44th Melbourne Spring Holiday ), I also managed to get the chance to spend another season (my second fav after Autumn), Winter, in South Korea. 

It is not too much for me to say that my Winter Holiday in Seoul last year was definitely one of the most epic holiday experiences ever!! I will definitely write an entry on this one. Coz it was priceless.
And if I have some extra time to spend, I will also write a haul entry on all the beauty products that I bought over there. *jengjengjeng* 

To conclude my 2016 in one word, I would say it was SUPERB. It was sweet with a pinch of salt and lemon squeezes here and there, just enough to make it tastefully unforgettable.

And 2017, come what may, I shall embrace you with no fear as I know, Allah is always the best planner for all of us. InsyaAllah~amin.

Salam menggemok and Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have a nice day.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016


*ARYANA (Female, 28, Government Servant, Married)


I guess it is about time for this kind of confession to be made. 

All those cynicism, umpatan, kejian, fitnah dan ketidakadilan kepada golongan sebegini must be stopped.

Golongan yang selalu dipandang serong.
Golongan yang selalu dianaktirikan.
Golongan yang selalu disalah anggap.

Obviously everyone will eventually fall sick one way or another. But ada sesetengah golongan manusia (read : yang kurang bernasib baik) yang akan lebih kerap jatuh sakit berbanding orang lain. Istilah saintifik, saya taktahu. Tapi pengalaman sebenar, saya lebih daripada tahu.

Sikit-sikit, sakit kepala. Sikit-sikit, demam. Sikit-sikit, ke klinik. Sikit-sikit, warded.

As a person who has numerous health issues (migrain, gastritis, menstrual cramps, acute sinus, just to name a few. Hopefully janganlah bertambah-tambah lagi), saya dah merasa bagaimana sukarnya kehidupan berkerjaya bila berhadapan dengan bosses yang tidak (read : TIDAK MAHU) memahami. And the saddest part is when the boss is always (and I mean, ALWAYS) merupakan seorang perempuan. 

Ye, perempuan. Perempuan yang sepatutnya lebih memahami bahawa "sakit bulanan" tu memang akan berlaku secara bulanan. Bukan tahunan. Sebab tu dipanggil "datang bulan", bukan "datang tahun". Unless dia memang belum akil baligh so dia tak faham. But seriously, I HIGHLY doubt that.
Dan, ni baru bercakap pasal sakit orang perempuan. Belum lagi cakap pasal penyakit-penyakit yang lain. 

Maka, bermulalah episod neraka dalam kehidupan bila setiap kali ambil medical leave, kena caci, cerca, sindir, perli. Macamlah si penyindir tu robot yang tak pernah jatuh sakit, yang kedatangannya excel, yang committed kepada kerja 100%. MACAMLAH~
Tapi apa boleh buat. Manusia ni biasanya bila dah berada di atas, dan-dan jadik golongan paling tidak boleh bertolenransi di dunia. Bukan semua. No no no. Tapi, MAJORITI.

To those who think and assume that we (yes, I speak for all of us) are fakers who simply trying to find excuses to escape from work, let me tell you people one thing. 
When we (golongan yang GENUINELY selalu sakit) are not feeling well, ye, memang kami akan cuti sakit.
But when we are on top of our health, we will ALWAYS dedicate ourselves to work extra hard just because we feel the need to cover back hari-hari yang kita cuti sakit.


Personally speaking, me myself always ensure my KPIs at work tercapai no matter what. I know how important it is for me to catch up and perform just as much as those who work hard around me.
Tidak pernah terfikir nak jadik kan alasan sakit untuk mengelak buat kerja. Sebab seingat diri yang masih waras ni, walaupun selalu cuti sakit, handphone tak pernah sunyi dari panggilan and Whatsapp dari office tanya itu, tanya ini. And honestly, if it's urgent and important, I will not avoid to answer them.

Have it ever occurred to any of you guys out there yang sebenarnya golongan seperti kami ni TAKNAK pun jatuh sakit. Honestly, we want to be as healthy as ever. Kalau boleh, teringin nak ada kedatangan yang langsung TAKDE ambil medical leave dalam setahun. Ala-ala dapat Anugerah Kehadiran 100% masa kat sekolah dulu (yang tak pernah dapat pun sebab dari kecik memang purata akan demam 4 ke 5 kali dalam setahun. Tu baru demam, belum kira lagi keracunan makanan, gastrik, pening kepala, blabla).

Bukan nak merungut bila jatuh sakit. Gosh~come on you guys, seriously dah terpesong jauh sangat dah tu dari intipati sebenar entri ni. *rolling eyes*

Takde apa sebenarnya yang lebih saya harapkan selain daripada agar orang lebih memahami.

Ye, memang ada golongan yang sengaja "beli" mc, buat-buat sakit, mereka-reka alasan untuk tak masuk kerja or ponteng kelas. Tapi cubalah bukak mata, pandai bezakan golongan-golongan yang sebegini dengan yang genuinely memang sakit. Kesian laa sikit kat kitorang yang ikhlas dan jujur ni.

Bak kata pepatah, actually, ada dua pepatah yang nak disampaikan.

1 - Janganlah disebabkan setitik nila, rosak susu sebelanga.

2 - Just because you (siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas) fake your sickness, does not mean everyone else is doing it as well.

Pepatah kedua tu tak berapa nak pepatah sangatlah. Sebab tu macam originally created by yours truly here. *snicker*

Anyway, I hope this confession will not offend anyone. I just want to put it out there that there is a certain group of people who needs support and more understanding bosses, colleagues and staffs, in order for them to perform in their workplace. Pressures given to them just because they are always taking medical leaves will definitely not make them any better but in fact, DEMOTIVATE them.

Just bear in mind plak untuk golongan ni, bila dah dapat orang sekeliling yang memahami, jangan ambil kesempatan. Orang dah faham kita, panjatkan syukur pada Tuhan. Alhamdulillah~

Salam menggemok and Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have a nice day.

P/S: *bukan nama sebenar