Have you guys ever feel trapped, suppressed and restrained from being your own self?
Have you guys ever feel like being forced to be someone else and not being given the chance to shine in your own way?
And, have you guys ever feel like just leaving everything behind and don't even give a freak about any of em?

Three Yes's would have been the summarize of my life currently.

It's not like I didn't try. It's not like I didn't improve. It's not like I didn't make any changes.
It's just that no matter how hard I try to improve and change, things always turned out the same (at least from what I see as of now).

I know I'm not perfect and may not be as good as many of those who have already excelled in their own ways but I also know I'm not as bad as what they perceived me as. 

I'm not sad. I'm more on the angry side. 
Because as things building up, I'm not sure for how long I can still bear with all these craps. 

I'm not seeking for praises or popularity because to me, those are all superficial and reflect how fake human can be. and it's just disgusting.
It irks me every time I see people who do not deserve respect and gratitude, being idolized as if they are the best and the most perfect role model for everyone. 
Yes, everyone has their good sides but at the same time, cannot run from making mistakes which is why we should not be judgmental and act as if we are God who can label people as we want.

Seriously, I couldn't care less anymore of what's gonna happen because predicting is like hoping, And hopes always lead to frustration which sucks. 

The only thing that I'm worried of right now is what if as time goes by and I'm still stuck in current situation, I'll be losing my real talents and potentials. 

That would be a HUGE waste. 

Salam menggemok. Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have a nice day.


  1. I used to be in your shoes. Not anymore now. With time, you will find your own path out of these things. I wish you luck. Love.

    1. Thanks babe~
      Looking forward for the day I can spread my wings and show my real talents (AND being appreciated).
      InsyaAllah soon. ^^,


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