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No. I am not talking about the indie band, Bittersweet.
I am talking about this kind of bittersweet!
All of us (well at least, MOST of us) for surely have been in a relationship/s before. But not all of our relationship/s can work out well. Some may be lucky enough to marry their first love (a.k.a their first boyfie/girlfie), while others (in most cases) got involved with a few Dickies/Bitchies (you know what I mean~) before they finally found and managed to settle down with their true love. 
If break ups are normal and happen all the time to so many people, then why some (Yes, some!) of us have to be the bigger D/B (refer previous paragraph for what they stand for) and become bitter towards their ex/es??
Of course, break ups mean broken hearts. But is it really necessary for us to rub salt to the wound (and some may even add lemon juice as well)??
Can we just forgive and forget, and move along with our lives??
In most cases, couples break up because they feel that they are not compatible with each other and cannot reach an understanding between them. In short, it is mutual. So why the hating game has to follow after when it is obviously what both parties wanted (the break up) at the first place?
Well, I may not be an expert in relationship issues, but I think I got a few tricks up on my sleeves (ehems~).
So here I listed down a few reasons why some (Yes, again, some!) of our ex/es is/are being bitter (coz it is easier for us to sympathize them when we understand the situation. Ekekekek~):
1) "Mutual? Who said the decision was mutual??"
Oh no~and here we thought the break up/s is/are mutual. When the other party secretly still wants us and being too egoistic to admit it before.
2) "You are moving on too fast."
I just don't get it when some said that if we moved on quickly from our past relationship/s, it means that we were never being serious. I know that we should take some time off from the dating game after each break up but it does not mean that we have to mop around to show how frustrated and devastated we are about the failed relationship/s with our ex/es. Well at least NOT to them (our ex/es).
3) "You moved on before I did."
Oh well, I never know this is some kind of a competition. Solemnly, it should not be an issue of who moved on first. Be professional and (at least, TRY to be) happy when you see your ex/es found his/her new love. Talking bad about them does not make you look any better, instead it reflects on why the previous relationship you guys shared didn't work out (I mean, who wants to stay with someone who looks down on their partner, right??). Coz after all, your ex/es used to be the one whom you have loved in the past.
4) "I just want to be a D/B and said bad things about my ex/es."
This has got to do with attitude problem. Some people just would not want to let go easy and they just feel that being an a**hole is attractive and most probably, they still want you. 
Still, there are many other reasons on why some of us are bitter to their ex/es. Each relationship holds its own stories and secrets. 
But it is important for us to learn to face the truth. We cannot have/get everything/everyone that we want. Sometime, letting go is the best option that we have. 
Because, wise man says, "When one door closes, another opens."
Be the bigger person and forgive first. 
Salam menggemok. Toodles~
Assalamualaikum and Have a nice day chuolz!!!


  1. Definitely love your English write-ups!! ♡ Agree with all e contents as well!


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