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51st: 2018 ALREADY YAWW


Hello good people who's currently reading this.

HAPPY 2018 gaizzz!!!

It's March already which means 2 months of 2018 has been crossed off.

So what have you guys been up to??

As for me, my 2018 started off pretty well, alhamdulillah.

I feel this year is gonna be a much better year than the last one. InsyaAllah~

By the way, this year marks the end of my 20s as I have entered the 30 series bandwagon last month. Kalau ada yang nak send hadiah birthday tu belum terlambat lagi ok. :)

So since it's new year and it's the cliche time of the "New year, new me" talk, I think I might as well roll with it.

For 2018, I have so many plans. Plans for myself. And also plans that include my loved ones.

First and foremost, I have made a pact with myself to read, at least, 6 books this year. And I am currently on book number 2. Woohoo to me!!

I know 6 books is nothing for some but for me, who is currently struggling so hard to adjust to several issues in my life right now (including me being in a forever hate-hate relationship with my current job due to a number of reasons), I think 6 is quite a high number so 6 that is!!

By the way, I said "at least" therefore I might read more, insyaAllah~

Next, I am planning on updating this beloved blog of mine once a month, again, at least! I want to make sure that I connect with you guys more and I want to produce more meaningful posts which are helpful and also informative for you guys.

I also have a plan to interact more with my bae blog readers by collaborating with you guys (yes, you who are reading this!!!) and with other bloggers if possible. I am open to any new ideas. So if you guys want to suggest anything, that can improve your reading experience here, please feel free to shoot em out to me through the comment section below or straight to my email, I am so excited gaizzz~

Another plan for 2018 is for me to travel more. Yeah, you heard me right, MORE!!!

I have always been a travel junkie since I was young. My number one reason to travel is because I love to eat. When I travel more, I get to eat more new kinds of foods and that, my friends, really satisfy me.

This year, my travel journey has already started last month when I visited Medan. It was my first time going to Indonesia and I'd say it was not bad at all. Actually, it was a pretty cool experience. InsyaAllah I will write a post for my Medan Trip story soon.

And, lastly, my final 2018 resolution (or more like my life resolution from now on), is to not care too much about what people think about me or what do they talk about me behind my back. I guess this is what has helped me better improve my life for the past few months.

I donno bout you guys, but I always have difficulties in ignoring what people thought about me. I always try my very best (sometimes it can be ridiculous) in order to impress people or make people to like me. Back then, I often let people do or say whatever they want to in however way they want to, until I got hurt in the process and in the end, I always, always and freaking always forgive them because I don't want people to see me as a selfish person.

But I have learned that wanting what's best for myself is not selfish. And by wanting what's best for me, it means that people just have to learn to show me more respect in order for me to respect them too and if they don't like it, who cares. Well, I certainly no longer do.

However, this certainly does not mean that I plan to be rude to anybody any time soon. It just simply means that I will stand my ground and if some people got butt hurt, it ain't my fault. I have suffered so much in the process of pleasing people and yet I found out that if someone choose to dislike us, even if we try as hard as we possibly can to change it, they'd still ended up not liking us, if not hating us.

So guys, this 2018, lets not be ashamed to be ourselves and have pride in standing our ground.

Let me end my first ever entry of 2018 with a cheerful note by wishing everyone a very blessed and prosperous year ahead.

Don't forget to be respectful and kindhearted to everyone.

Salam menggemok and Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have a great day!!!


  1. Going through the same thing right now. Let’s power it through and strive to be our own authentic self. Cheers! Btw, let’s continue to do more collab soon!

    1. Chaiyok!!!
      Yeah man, lets do more of those collab thingy. It's fun!! :)


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