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46th: HELLO 2017

Hello 2017!!! <-- a week long overdue but seriously, my blog is not that mainstream to care about all this deadline thingy and what's not.
Can you guys believe that 2016 dah berlalu meninggalkan kita semua?? How time flies when we are enjoying it. Well, I wouldn't say that 2016 is the most favorite year of my life. I have to admit that last year was tough, even tougher than some of my tough years before, in certain aspect (remember my cadetship year? Yeah, that was super tough. And then there's also 2012; the year I lost my one true hero, my Bapak. Not to forget the year puberty hit me like a steamroll and the list goes on).  But it is fair enough for me to say that 2016 was quite a challenge for me. Physically, not so. Mentally, hell yeah. Otak boleh literally kurus from all of the cabaran dan cobaan yang telah dihadapi. *inhale exhale laju-laju*
2017 started off with some rough patches for me whereby I was not on top of my health for these past few day…