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CONFESSION BY : *Aryana (Female, 28, Government Servant, Married)
I guess it is about time for this kind of confession to be made. 
All those cynicism, umpatan, kejian, fitnah dan ketidakadilan kepada golongan sebegini must be stopped.
Golongan yang selalu dipandang serong. Golongan yang selalu dianaktirikan. Golongan yang selalu disalah anggap.
Obviously everyone will eventually fall sick one way or another. But ada sesetengah golongan manusia (read : yang kurang bernasib baik) yang akan lebih kerap jatuh sakit berbanding orang lain. Istilah saintifik, saya taktahu. Tapi pengalaman sebenar, saya lebih daripada tahu.
Sikit-sikit, sakit kepala. Sikit-sikit, demam. Sikit-sikit, ke klinik. Sikit-sikit, warded.
As a person who has numerous health issues (migrain, gastritis, menstrual cramps, acute sinus, just to name a few. Hopefully janganlah bertambah-tambah lagi), saya dah merasa bagaimana sukarnya kehidupan berkerjaya bila berhadapan dengan bosses yang tidak (read : T…


Hello everyone. Especially to all my beloved Bloggermoks (yang masih setia menanti entri yang tak muncul tiba). <3
I know this post is (VERY) long overdue but I really hope you guys are still thrill to know about my spring trip to Melbourne during last May.  As I have promised (almost 3 months ago :P ), am gonna be sharing with you guys on the list of the places that I visited and also my experiences during the whole trip. Manalah tahu kut-kut boleh jadik pedoman dan panduan untuk korang yang plan nak pergi sana nanti.
First and foremost, just so you guys know, this trip is actually sponsored by my mother in law (thanks, Mama), whereby I do not know exactly how much is the flight ticket price (booked by my sis in law) and the cost for our accommodation, etc (fully sponsored katanya). I mean, I can ask but I'm just too lazy to do so. XD
But one thing for sure, we managed to grab hold of a superbly worth it ground package (this one, walaupun yang carik pakej ni s…


Alhamdulillah~after several (failed) attempts of ke-noob2-an seorang blogger suam-suam kuku ini, I finally managed to revamp the look of my blog. So, how do you like it?? =D
Hope you guys are just as excited as me regarding this new look.  Hoho~tried to make my blog more eye-friendly and minimal. Dengan harapan orang tetap singgah walaupun takde entri baru. Ahahahahahh~
Anywaysss, di kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT MENJALANI IBADAH RAMADHAN kepada semua bloggerMoks yang beragama Islam. Jangan lupa bayar zakat kaysss~
InsyaAllah soon (please percaya this time =P), I will upload an entry regarding my trip to Melbourne, Australia last month. It was a very fun journey and I have to say that apart from my beloved country, Malaysia, Australia might just be a nice option as a country to reside in (we never know right). Waah gitu. Statement berani tu. Nak tahu kenapa, kita tunggu entri pasal trip tu kays.
Salam menggemok. Toodles~
Assalamualaikum an…


Diam tak diam, it's been more than a year ever since I last updated my blog. Yes, you read it right. More than a YEAR (jadah, blogger apa update blog setahun sekali. Choiii~).
So many things have happened to me during 2015 until now. And I don't think there'll be any single post which is long enough to cater everything that I direly wanted to tell you guys. Seriously, if I can, I would loooooove to write a heck of a long post that'll make you guys wanna curse me, yet at the same time, wanna read it alllllll the way till the end (confident tu penting yaww~).
My writing style might have changed due to my current lifestyle (chewahh~cakap nak dramatik je kan). Actually what I'm tryna say is that, I no longer have the time (READ: sebenarnya malas. Lalala~) to sekejap italic, sekejap un-italic kan my font based on the language that I use. Therefore, pandai-pandai laa korang classify kan bahasa Malaysia ke bahasa Inggeris ke bahasa Sanskrit ke yang saya g…