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Assalamualaikum Since yesterday was 31st August, Maka lahirlah sebuah cinta buat negaraku yang tersayang, Malaysia~ HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, MALAYSIA~ Fret not. 57 is just a number. You're still looking young, fresh and A-awesome!!! =) So it's been like more than 2 months ago since my last write-up.  So the last message I got in my blog's chat box is like more than a month ago (blog tak laku T___T). So I heard people already forgotten about the existence of siarnabgemok.blogspot (chewah~bajet popular suatu masa dulu). Therefore here I am, gonna fulfill my duty as a dedicated (ewahhh~) blogger who will once again redeem my lack of entries for the past few months with a photo book entry (taktik takyah tulis banyak sebab takde masa. Mwehehehehh). Raya is long gone but I'm still in the mood of sharing my joy and happiness of celebrating it with my loved ones. Alhamdulillah we cadets were given a week of Raya holiday (ye, kami dapat cuti juga. Tunggu masuk servis nanti baru…