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Assalamualaikum Sumber: www.myinspirationspace.wordpress No. I am not talking about the indie band, Bittersweet. I am talking about this kind of bittersweet! Sumber: All of us (well at least, MOST of us) for surely have been in a relationship/s before. But not all of our relationship/s can work out well. Some may be lucky enough to marry their first love (a.k.a their first boyfie/girlfie), while others (in most cases) got involved with a few Dickies/Bitchies (you know what I mean~) before they finally found and managed to settle down with their true love.  If break ups are normal and happen all the time to so many people, then why some (Yes, some!) of us have to be the bigger D/B (refer previous paragraph for what they stand for) and become bitter towards their ex/es?? Of course, break ups mean broken hearts. But is it really necessary for us to rub salt to the wound (and some may even add lemon juice as well)?? Can we just forgive and forget, and move along with our liv…