It's no secret that I am a big sucker for everything custom-made. I like to buy personalize/limited edition/customized items and I also LOVE to modify things that I own into something unique. 
Maybe it's in my nature because I am an only child (orang kan kata anak tunggal ni suka lain daripada orang lain sebab dah biasa feeling-feeling princess kat rumah. Semua barang kat rumah, dia je yang punya sorang) or maybe it's just me being me (uncanny preferences in kebanyakan benda).
Since I adore my bloggermoks and readers so much, I'mma teach you guys one secret on how to create your own signature smell/scent. 
Hold on to your horses, no need to wear all those goggles and we don't need no beaker or any periodical table and stuffs. Ahahahahh takyah nak jadi saintis sangat laa weyh.
Trust me, this is one easy peasy process that even someone who doesn't know the formula of oxygen (like duhhh~I sooooo know this. It's H2O right??? Ekekekekk~I kid, I kid. No need to worry. I'm no Paris Hilton here) can create something very amazing. *winkwink*
All you guys need are just:
1) two to four different perfumes (preferably with different notes. But in my case, saya tibai semua dari jenis bau Vanila. Why?? Because I'm addicted to this scent)
2) an adventurous side of yourself who ain't afraid to be bold and loud (because you are gonna smell so distinctive from others. Jyeahh to that!!!)
Firstly, lemme show you guys my current collection of perfumes a.k.a the "ingredients" to make Si Arnab Gemok's perfume cocktail:
1) Meow! by Katy Perry

2) Coconut Passion by Victoria Secret

3) Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works

4) Madagascan Vanilla Flower by The Body Shop

5) Vanilla Body Mist by The Body Shop (latest addition to my perfumes collection)

6) Candy by Elianto
7) Sweetheart by Elianto

Basically, mula-mula korang kena tahu which correct parts of our body that we need to apply our perfume on. 

Sumber: blog.freepeople.com

By knowing the pulse points on our body, we will be able to make the best out of our perfume's smell. When we apply our perfumes at the right place, the scent will linger throughout the day and night without we even have to reapply again and again (saving di situ). 

Anddddd, this is an important guideline for us to follow in the process of making the perfume cocktail.
Remember, DO NOT:
1) rub in your perfume against your skin
2) apply two or more perfumes on the same pulse point
3) use more than four perfumes (especially with different notes) at the same time (believe me, you would not want this. I have tried this before and almost make myself suffer from a migraine)

So, from here, you guys are free to be creative with mixing and matching the perfumes' smells according to your liking. 

Apply the strongest scent behind your ears and inside of your wrists. This is the perfume that will last all day and be your most overwhelming scent.
For the sweetest note of perfume that you have, apply them at the base of your throat and the inside of your elbows. Whereby this scent will be the first for people around you to catch when you are near them.
And lastly, spritz your third perfume at the back of your knees to balance the whole mixes of scents you are wearing.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different kind of smells. Let loose and try to explore perfumes with different notes. 
By making perfume cocktail, you guys can now enjoy the collection of perfumes that you guys have at the same time (but be moderate. Don't be greedy by using ALL of them at one time). 
Another good thing about perfume cocktail is that we can tone down musky scent by mixing it with floral scent and vice versa.
Hope you guys are inspired to try out the perfume cocktail method in creating your own signature scent. Who knows one day maybe one of you guys boleh produce own line of perfumes. If ada bau Vanila, saya orang pertama beli!!! Ahahahahahh ^^,
Salam menggemoks. Toodles~
Assalamualaikum and Have a nice day chuolz!!!


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