Macam yang telah saya war-warkan last month, two of my friends and I have embarked on a journey (waah, macam The Hobbit plak kan) to utara to attend my best friend's wedding at Bukit Merah Club House. It was super fun, super exciting, super fantastic, super joy, superduper EVERYTHING!!!

Alhamdulillah all went well and according to plan (I hope I did great as the maid of honor. =P ). 
And the night of the wedding was magical.
To say that I am happy for my best friend is an understatement. 
Rasanya malam tu, saya senyum lagi over lebar kut dari pengantin. I mean, how can I not?? My best friend of 8 years is finally getting married to the man she truly loves, that fact just makes my eyes all watery. Terharu!!

Seriously, it was very overwhelming. Everything was so beautiful!!!

Let the journey starts. Weeeee~

Mohon laluan untuk OOTD maid of honor~
(BIG THANKS to family pengantin sebab sponsor kita full outfit for the night. Kita suka!!! I love ALL of them [kain untuk buat baju kurung, flower crown, flower bouquet]!!!) <3<3<3

Close up untuk yang tak puas hati tengok dari jauh =P

Semeja penuh dengan gegadis bunga. Ohhoii~

Eyhhhhhhhh~bukan, bukan saya yang kahwin.
Aaaaah yes, nama saya dengan my best friend sama. Sebab tulah masa Diploma dulu, sistem letak us in the same room. From day 1 kitorang kenal, kitorang terus clicked and have became best friends ever since. Yang differentiate us cuma nama panggilan je. People call me Syaz and Wany for her.

Here comes the pretty bride~

Pastu, kenalah camwhore serba sedikit masa perjalanan balik kan. Barulah lengkap gamaknya~

So yeah, this entry memang dedicated untuk my beloved bff, Syazwani binti Ahmad Tajudin. A best friend whom I can call a sister!!! Congratulations on your wedding and be the best wife for Epy ok. Love you to bits, tenukan!!!

Oh, and yes, we had a blast didn't we, Eruz and Yu?? We should do more roadtrips together yaww!!!

Salam menggemok. Toodles~

Assalamualaikum and Have a nice day chuolz!!!



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